SSWM-2019 Summer School on Worplace Management (II edizione)

Prof. Andrea Ciaramella

Prof. Andrea Ciaramella, Arch. Chiara Tagliaro, Politecnico di Milano
Prof. Ying Hua, Cornell University

Ileana Bettani
Ph: 02 2399 5124

Key date
Application deadline: Sunday 5, May 2019
Start: Monday 1, July 2019
End: Friday 12, July 2019

CFP (Crediti Formativi Professionali)
20 CFP

The course discusses the workplace as an interdisciplinary area of research and practice. The course encompasses: 1. Theoretical lessons, including the following topics: Trends and the future of work Human-centered design Organizational culture and values Corporate and workplace strategy Workplace outcomes Workspace design, technology and services. Focus: Acoustics Implementation and change management Workplace performance measurement and management 2. Field exploration, including visits to three recently realized workplaces. 3. Practical exercise, which will be organized by simulating the encounter with a potetial clinet, who asks for a workplace change. Students will build up interdisciplinary teams, and work on a studio-like project for developing the following themes: Evaluation of localization in the city context SWOT analysis of the existing space Creation of concept and the related communication strategies Reconfiguration of the spatial layout Organization of proximities and walking paths in the space Migration, change management, soft landing.

Educational Project
This course will assist students, practitioners and researchers to engage with the ongoing evolutions of the workplace. Participants to the course will learn to: integrate different disciplines in a sound reasoning around the workplace; manage the planning, programming, and executing phases of workplace change processes; picture the future evolution of workplaces and its impact at the building and urban scales.

Admission Requirements
Applicants will be selected based on their: Short CV (especially the experiences that are coherent with the topic of the course); Age (priority is given to younger applicants).

1° week: Mon 1 – Fri 5 > theory & practice
Weekend: Sat 6 – Sun 7 > learning expedition
2° week: Mon 8 – Fri 12 > theory & practice