Eight research's lines

The Department’s research work is structured along Lines of research, with available resources concentrated around these. The Lines of research represent a combination of distinct skills within complex fields, capitalising on the multidisciplinary environment that characterises the Department.

This structure enables the department to formalise and map out a chart of available skills and experience and to build a knowledge base with the results of studies and research and active networks that can be shared and disseminated.

The eight Lines of research which form the structured, themed platform of the department’s multidisciplinary skills and experience are:

1. Advanced materials and Innovative Building Systems

2. Energy and Environmental-Efficient Buildings

3. Risk Prevention and Emergency Management

4. Architectural and Urban Design

5. Complex Constructions

6. Preservation and Enhancement of Built Heritage

7. ICT and “smart” systems for construction

8. Economy and built environment management


For the three-year period 2017-2019, based on the various skills within the eight Lines, the Department’s research is concentrating on four strategic Projects that bring together skills and integrate disciplines and can generate a diversity of theoretical and applied study:

1. Digitisation of the design, construction and management processes of the built environment

2. Processes of regeneration of the built environment in the context of the circular economy

3. Innovative sustainable models for emerging countries (Africa)

4. Design, construction, conservation and promotion of buildings for education