Shared scientific core and mission of the Department

The Department of Architecture, Built environment and Construction engineering is a scientific and cultural project based on extensive research and teaching experience on planning, design, production and management, in the field of architecture and civil engineering. The Department aims at facing present challenges for an overall improvement of territorial assets, urban development, and of the built environment.

The Department brings together a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and professors, fully expressing the “polytechnic spirit” in teaching and research, an approach leading to a timely scientific and technical response to the complex problems posed by the transformation of the built environment, concerning both new interventions and redevelopment projects.

Considering the many disciplinary approaches characterizing the Department, research activity targets different levels, always supported by lab activities and services: basic research, curiosity-driven projects, research-based design practice, pre-normative research, applied and experimental research. While mainly related to architectural design, architectural and environmental technology, construction engineering, this expertise is integrated by other disciplines: history of architecture, town planning, environmental technical physics, environmental studies, regional and business economics, building evaluation, survey and representation, preservation and restoration.

With its different lines of research, the Department  is qualified by the ability to transfer knowledge and expertise at different educational levels (BA, MA, PhD, specialization, lifelong learning) by organizing training programs. These are intended to interpret and orient the needs of the construction industry by promoting innovation and offering a continuous update, in view of defining new research and professional profiles able to face the challenges of today, requiring as they do the ability to synthesize different disciplines and professional approaches.