Sara Cattaneo
Associate professor
Structural engineering – ICAR/09
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Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano, she teaches in classes of Structural design and Strengthening of historical buildings.She graduated in Civil (Structural) Engineering at Politecnico of Milan, where she obtained even the Ph.D in Structural Engineering.

Her main research topics are: High Performance and Self-Compacting Concrete: constitutive behaviour and structural applications, steel to concrete bond behaviour, constitutive laws for quasi-brittle materials, damage and fracture of quasi-brittle materials, non linear fracture mechanics applications: size effects, effects of temperature on the concrete constitutive law, cracking and local constitutive relationship for beams, post-installed and cast-in anchors, structural glass, concrete to FRP bond, masonry to FRP bond. She studied and fixed non-conventional experimental techniques (AE (acoustic emission) and ESPI (Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry).

She was involved in several research projects (both national and European) and EOTA WG on structural anchors as designated member of the Italian TAB (STC).

Since 1999 she spent some periods at the Department of Civil Engineering dell’University of Minnesota (Minneapolis –USA) where she was also invited as Visiting Professor.

She is author of more than 90 paper on International journals and International Conference.