Brambilla Andrea
Measuring healthcare architecture. Definition of an EBD tool for Italian hospitals physical qualities assessment.

Healthcare facilities are complex infrastructures where different features from technological, social, clinical and architectural field interact. In modern healthcare systems there is the constant need of quality in terms of process, outcome and structure. Several tools already evaluate the organizational qualities but very few are able to assess the physical environment. Since 90s the theory of Evidence Based Design (EBD) states that there is significant relationship between health, wellbeing, organizational outcomes and built environment. Although several papers, literature reviews and empirical studies have been published in recent years, there are not many instruments able to measure the whole hospital environmental qualities. Nevertheless, the idea of measuring architectural quality is growing in several English-speaking countries but in European regions is still not well known and in the Italian context only two small experiences can be counted. Moreover, strong methodologies and theories are discussed to evaluate the built environment with the support of many empirical studies but no explicit correlation between the existing criteria and the EBD concepts is provided. Therefore, the objective of the research project is to define a new tool for hospital physical quality assessment with specific reference to EBD and Italian context.

Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Capolongo

Co-supervisor: Prof.ssa Maddalena Buffoli, Prof. Emilio Faroldi