01 | 02 | 2018
Inserito il: 25/01/2018
Stefano Converso@Polimi



February 1th, 13h00 
Aula Consiglio - Bldg.14 – 1st floor, Dept. ABC
via Bonardi 9, Milan

Designing with material constraints
Can Digitai Design reconnect architects with materiai qualities? How can we bend, torgue, cut materials, and defģnitely feel kinaesthesia of space and matter in an abstract field?

Stefano Converso

PhD "Villa rd D'Honnecourt" @IUAV and @ColumbiaUni, is a recognized expert in the fģeld of Digital Design and BIM. 

Without abandoning research and teaching activity (he is, actually, researcher @Roma3), he is also active as architect and consultant in increasingly complex projects. He has been Project Manager of RhOME, the winner of Solar Decathlon Europe 2014, and was recently involved in projects including the CNC Design of Main Auditorium of the Cloud Conference Center, just completed in Rome, and the Architectural and lntegrated design for the new LEED Gold TIM Office Campus, in Acilia, Rome, currently under construction.