08 | 05 |2018
Architecture, Identity, Politics: Four Liminal Cases and Sites
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Paolo Girardelli@polimi

Full Professor in the History Department of Boğaziçi University (Istanbul), Paolo Girardelli is an art and architectural historian, specialized on European / Mediterranean / Ottoman interactions and encounters, XVIII to XX centuries.

May 8th, 16h30
Aula Consiglio ABC, Bldg. 14 - Campus Leonardo
via Bonardi 9

Architecture, Identity, Politics: Four Liminal Cases and Sites

 This talk presents the special issue of the journal Architecture Beyond Europe “The Space of Diplomacy. Design and Beyond” (2017) dedicated to European embassies in Eastern and Southern Mediterranean countries. Four emblematic case studies - Addis Abeba, Ankara, Kabul and Beijing – will clarify how architecture of diplomacy forms a vital part of the cultural landscape of the city concerned. Diplomatic landmarks entailed negotiation and domestication, appropriation and reinterpretation of local symbolic and material resources. The four case studies hold an ambivalent position in cultural and political terms: between tradition and modernity, between domestic and political space, in a constant redefinition of roles, meanings and messages.

Prof. Ezio Godoli, President of CeDACoT will participate to the discussion.