13 | 06 | 2018
High-Performance, Bioclimatic Buildings
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Inserito il: 25/05/2018
Mitja Košir@Polimi

June 13th, 17h00
Aula Consiglio ABC, Bldg. 14 - Campus Leonardo
via Bonardi 9

High-Performance, Bioclimatic Buildings

This OPENTalk will focus on research in bioclimatic, adaptable buildings and try to answer to the following questions: “Can the low-tech, Bioclimatic design approach, be reconciled with the second, High-Performance, high-tech, approach”? “What will be the implications of projected climate change”?


Mitja Košir

Is research focuses on building energy performance, daylighting (coupled thermal and visual performances) and adaptive building envelopes. Currently, he is working on bioclimatic climate analysis, with a particular.