19 | 06 | 2018
The Architecture of the Urban-Rural Continuum in China
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Inserito il: 04/06/2018
Riccardo Palma, Chen Zen, Maurizio Meriggi@Polimi

June 19th, 17h00
Aula Consiglio ABC, Bldg. 14 - Campus Leonardo
via Bonardi 9

The Architecture of the Urban-Rural Continuum in China 

This OPENTalk takes the occasion of the presentation of the Maurizio Meriggi’s last book (L’architettura del continuo urbano-rurale in Cina. Insediamenti Hakka nel Guangdong Orientale, Arabafenice, 2018) to face two basic questions. The first question will be about Chinese urban development: “Is Traditional Chinese Settlement in non-urban contexts just a collection of ”vernacular traditions” or the expression of an historical form of Chinese urbanization”? The second question will be about research methodology in architecture: “How the classic type/morphology/ territory analysis is applicable to this particular urbanisation form?”