28 | 02 | 2017
Systemics, complexity and decision making models
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Inserito il: 09/02/2017
concepts and approaches for architecture



09. Growth and development
10. Approaches to model systems

Aula Consiglio
(Building 14 – 1° floor)
09:00 – 13:00

The purpose of the course is to introduce core systemic concepts suitable to allow students to use approaches based on Systems Science in order to deal with complex phenomena, model and design. The ability to combine classic, organisational and complex approaches is crucial for dealing with complex systems such as conservation, post- and pre-occupancy evaluation, building performance evaluation, urban models, evaluate ecological impacts, influence of architecture on emergence of social systems and vice-versa, habitability, restoration, reuse, and energy management. In this attempt we introduce an inter-disciplinary view of architecture suitable to avoid confusion between specialisation and disciplinary fragmentation.

The course is held by Professor Gianfranco Minati.