23 | 02 | 2018
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Tim Townshend@Polimi



February 23th, 11h00 
Meeting Room - Bldg. 5 – 1st floor, Dept. ABC
piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, Milan

Urban Design Health and Well-Being

In this lecture Tim Townshend explores emergent narratives as well as some of his own research to suggest while there is a role for urban design and planning more interdisciplinary cooperation is needed and attempts to 'build' our way to better health need en-gagement with social programmes.

Tim Townshend

Professor of Urban Design for Health and leader of the Global Urban Research Unit (GURU) “Urban Design and Human Flourishing" theme in the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University.


He established a national/international profile in interdisciplinary health/built environment work through a steady output of publications that has crossed disciplinary divides. His work has been cited over 2500 times (as at Sept '17). Of particular note was the 2010 co-edited volume ‘Obesogenic Environments’ attracted contributions from Australia, USA, New Zealand and the Netherlands, establishing an international context for Tim's work.