23 | 03 | 2018
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Mohsen Abbasi Harofteh@polimi

Mohsen Abbasi Harofteh 
is assistant professor of conservation architecture and a Faculty member of architecture in Yazd University. He is head of Vernacular architecture research center and a member of Yazd city council. He has researched and lectured in the field of Islamic architecture and architecture conservation in Yazd art and architecture school for 10 years a period which resulted in publishing 5 books and about 50 articles in Journals, conferences, and newspapers. 

March 23th, 3h00 pm 
Room 008,Bldg. 5 - 2nd floor
Campus Leonardo
via Ampère 2, Milan

Yazd art and architecture school: An organic development experience in historic fabric 

Yazd Art and Architecture School is located in the heart of the historic part of Yazd inscribed on the world heritage list in 2017 by UNESCO. The Historic city of Yazd deserves to be a world heritage because of its living earthen fabric as an architecture masterpiece based on earth and knowledge. The school emerged 30 years ago in this city aiming to discover and educate the knowledge hidden in the historic city. 

This lecture focuses on the process of school physical development in its valuable adjoining historic fabric and quality of interaction between the school and modern functional inquiries on one side and historic fabric limitation on the other side. Commencing with reusing a traditional house, the school developed through an organic process calmly and continuously until today which includes 21 traditional ones. This organic process in contrast with modern development projects consists of some issues that can be discussed and reviewed. Paying attention to capacity, capability, potential of the historic fabric interacted with a modern life requirement, here an architecture school, is core of the lecture.