25 | 01 | 2018
Inserito il: 10/01/2018
Francesco Ferrise@Polimi



January 25th, 13h30
Aula Consiglio - Bldg.14 ľ 1st floor, Dept. ABC
via Bonardi 9, Milan

Multisensory Virtual an d Augmented Reality
Although the fýrst examples of virtual or augmented realit were multisensory or multimodal, after more than 50 years many of the applications are mainly based on the sense of sight. Using more senses increases the potential of the simulation, but also introduces new issues. The presentation will show examples of multisensory Virtual or Augmented Reality applications developed in years in the Virtual Prototyping Lab of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In particular, we will talk about what we can simulate and how we can overcome limitations of current technologies.

Francesco Ferrise
is an associate professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano. He received a Ph.D. in 2010 on the use of multisensory Virtual Reality in the design of aesthetic products. He stili works on the use of Virtual or Augmented Reality as a support for product development and design. He is Associate Editor of ASME Journal of Computing and lnformation Science in Engineering (JCISE) and Frontiers in Psychology, Digitai Humanities, and ICT, section Human-Media lnteraction.